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Prison Update [01/08/2019]

Hey all, just wanted to let you know what's arrived on the server, these are available right now on play.islesmc.com so come and check it out!

This week we've added 3 key new features!

Monthly Crates

Now, these are filled with lots of loot so are extremely rare.. therefore we've made them LEGENDARY rarity. Currently these are only available on our store, but these will soon be made available by completing in-game objectives throughout the month to achieve one. This will be announced in the upcoming week!



Along with the monthly crate addition, we've also added titles! You can see your unlocked titles by doing /titles, or visiting the NPC in spawn! You are gonna want to speak to him, cause he'll give you the first title available! "[<3]". These show up at the end of your name in chat so you can show off your titles!


Sell Multipliers

Now, currently these can be found in the monthly crates and that's it, but once in-game challenges are out, we'll be adding them as a sub-reward on the way to earning a monthly crate. The only multiplier available currently is a 2.0x for 30 mins.


QOL / Bug Fixes

- Fixed an issue where island moderators were unable to invite people to the island.
- Fixed a bug where you could not complete the "Island Level 10" quest, even if your island level is high enough.
- On some clients, text would display as white when going onto a second line.
Important Prisons Pirate 1.0
Prisons Pirate Release

July 21st, 3 PM BST

Islands Top
We will be distributing out a total of $400 in prizes. These will be summarized at the end of our season, meaning that the top 3 will have the chance to retrieve their winnings.
- First Place: $100 Buycraft, $100 Paypal
- Second Place: $50 Buycraft, $75 Paypal

- Third Place: $25 Buycraft, $50 Paypal

Forge together a crew with all of your friends to battle to the top!
/crew create, /crew invite,
/crew uninvite
/crew join, /crew disband, /crew leave
/crew levels, /crew mod, /crew unmod, /crew info, /crew kick, /crew rename

Make your own island alone or with friends where you can farm crops and sell them to merchants. You can also build your very own unique island and alter how it looks in whatever way you desire!


Mining Enchants
Players may upgrade their pickaxe with silver they have achieved through mining or selling crops through their island. These can be used to upgrade the pickaxe to one day be able to get all the upgrades possible on the pickaxe!

Shift + Right click at the same time to open this menu!

Player Shops
You can setup your very own shop at your island where people can visit and buy stuff off you. This is very efficient if you want to get rid of stuff you don't need but others do.

Preview of how you setup your very own shop with a sign.


Once created, it will then either:

1) Automatically fill in the item with an item from the chest


2) Allow you to click the sign with the specified item.

As a new player you might be wondering what to do. So by us implementing quests is a way for you to get the help you need through doing them. The quest master is located at spawn.


By doing /shop you can find all your necessities to quickly be able to get everything you need for expanding your island!

There is still lots to come as everything isn't released as of yet, hope you stay and await the updates!

Hello Pirates!

As some of you may have heard in our discord, we have had to push back our release date to Sunday, 21st of July. This will allow us to make sure the server is 100% how we want it to be, fully optimized so the release goes perfect. We thank you for your patience this past week and we are pleased to hear that most of you can't wait until we are back.

This date is set in stone, it will not be changed any further. We would love to see you on release, and we have LOADS of new features being made for release.

Quite a few sneak peeks are being shown on our discord server, might be worth a join if you wanna know what's coming up!

The opening time for the server will be 3PM BST on the Sunday, with the same IP as before (play.islesmc.com).

Once again, thanks for your patience and thanks for the amazing support over the past few weeks. We couldn't have done it without your support.

Keep informed in our discord: https://discord.gg/U2cctwK
Hello Pirates!

First of all, I want to say a big thank you to everyone for your support and suggestions. With your help, we can make IslesMC a fantastic place to play, and we want to help inspire people to enjoy technology!

We have a lot planned, so we thought, let's extend our beta so we will have a bit more time to get ALL the features we want ready for release.

We've set up a timescale of events below, this will guide you on what will be happening with the server.

Monday 17th of June - We opened Beta for players to join!

Saturday 23rd of June - We announced in Discord we would extend the beta for another week!

Sunday 30th of June - Expected Beta end date, the server will be whitelisted and will be not joinable for 2 weeks.

Saturday 13th of July - The big day, this is the day we are expecting to be ready and hoping to show the world what all our hard effort has created. We really hope you will join us on this day, and take a look at our amazing features, as it will be a lot different from Beta!

There is currently a Warfare scheduled for 8PM BST, but we will update if this changes.

Once again, thank you for your amazing support, both showing yourself in-game and getting involved and also the amazing amount of donations we have received, both will help us make our launch amazing for everyone. We hope to see you online!

Don't forget, the IP is play.islesmc.com!
IslesMC is coming to life, it's almost at the release..

Hello everyone, just to let everyone know that IslesMC will be holding a public beta
for players to try out features and give gameplay feedback to ensure the full release
will be fantastic!

We hope you will be able to join us for this exciting time and will use the forums to alert
us to any bugs / gameplay changes that you think need fixing!

We are hoping to run the Beta between 17th of June - 23rd of June.

More news will be available closer to the time.​