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Important Approved Modifications

Discussion in 'Rules' started by Jeboh, Jun 19, 2019.

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  1. Jeboh

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    May 28, 2019
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    Approved Modifications

    On this thread you will be able to view all mods we authorize to use on our server(s). But do keep in mind to be careful of which modification you use while joining IslesMC. If you have any questions about a mod that is not currently authorized and not on this list, please join our teamspeak server and talk to a staff member about it before joining and using it on our server.

    Please note that Printer & Schematica is not allowed under any circumstances!

    Approved Modifications

    - Minimap Mods (No Radar / Entity)
    - Bspkrs Core
    - Armor Status HUD
    - Status Effect HUD
    - Direction HUD
    - CPSMod
    - Toggle Sneak / Toggle Sprint
    - Battys Coords Mod
    - Optifine
    - Shiny Pots
    - Keystrokes Mod
    - 5 zig
    - Forge
    - Motion Blur
    - Optic Craft Client
    - Badlion Client
    - Player API
    - Any Waypoints Mods
    - Shaders
    - Resourcepack Organizers
    - LunatriusCore
    - TcpNodelay Mod
    - Fast Chat

    All modifications that is NOT in this list and has not been approved / authorized by the Leadership Team of IslesMC is NOT allowed to be used on our server(s).

Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.

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