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IslesMC Update #1 [01/08/2019]

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Twixellzz, Aug 1, 2019.

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    May 28, 2019
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    Prison Update [01/08/2019]

    Hey all, just wanted to let you know what's arrived on the server, these are available right now on play.islesmc.com so come and check it out!

    This week we've added 3 key new features!

    Monthly Crates

    Now, these are filled with lots of loot so are extremely rare.. therefore we've made them LEGENDARY rarity. Currently these are only available on our store, but these will soon be made available by completing in-game objectives throughout the month to achieve one. This will be announced in the upcoming week!



    Along with the monthly crate addition, we've also added titles! You can see your unlocked titles by doing /titles, or visiting the NPC in spawn! You are gonna want to speak to him, cause he'll give you the first title available! "[<3]". These show up at the end of your name in chat so you can show off your titles!


    Sell Multipliers

    Now, currently these can be found in the monthly crates and that's it, but once in-game challenges are out, we'll be adding them as a sub-reward on the way to earning a monthly crate. The only multiplier available currently is a 2.0x for 30 mins.


    QOL / Bug Fixes

    - Fixed an issue where island moderators were unable to invite people to the island.
    - Fixed a bug where you could not complete the "Island Level 10" quest, even if your island level is high enough.
    - On some clients, text would display as white when going onto a second line.

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