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Important Prisons Pirate 1.0

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Jeboh, Jul 21, 2019.

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    Prisons Pirate Release

    July 21st, 3 PM BST

    Islands Top
    We will be distributing out a total of $400 in prizes. These will be summarized at the end of our season, meaning that the top 3 will have the chance to retrieve their winnings.
    - First Place: $100 Buycraft, $100 Paypal
    - Second Place: $50 Buycraft, $75 Paypal

    - Third Place: $25 Buycraft, $50 Paypal

    Forge together a crew with all of your friends to battle to the top!
    /crew create, /crew invite,
    /crew uninvite
    /crew join, /crew disband, /crew leave
    /crew levels, /crew mod, /crew unmod, /crew info, /crew kick, /crew rename

    Make your own island alone or with friends where you can farm crops and sell them to merchants. You can also build your very own unique island and alter how it looks in whatever way you desire!


    Mining Enchants
    Players may upgrade their pickaxe with silver they have achieved through mining or selling crops through their island. These can be used to upgrade the pickaxe to one day be able to get all the upgrades possible on the pickaxe!

    Shift + Right click at the same time to open this menu!

    Player Shops
    You can setup your very own shop at your island where people can visit and buy stuff off you. This is very efficient if you want to get rid of stuff you don't need but others do.

    Preview of how you setup your very own shop with a sign.


    Once created, it will then either:

    1) Automatically fill in the item with an item from the chest


    2) Allow you to click the sign with the specified item.

    As a new player you might be wondering what to do. So by us implementing quests is a way for you to get the help you need through doing them. The quest master is located at spawn.


    By doing /shop you can find all your necessities to quickly be able to get everything you need for expanding your island!

    There is still lots to come as everything isn't released as of yet, hope you stay and await the updates!


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